The view was beautiful

That day Covid 19 had hit Kenya I was barely Lily. I had disagreed with my brother about an issue and then the corana ‘thing’, I needed time all to myself. I picked myself up the seat and slammed the door of the shop behind me and headed just anywhere.

I found myself up, on top of a building not tall enough not short enough. It was undone story building which stood just next to the shore. I spotted some building woods which were arranged smoothly and sat. The view was beautiful from up there; I could see the whole of this small town from the vehicles driving in to the lake and off they left again to the shoppetts and kiosks to the people selling at the stalls to the people seated restlessly at the shops entrance and to the beautiful Lake Victoria that almost circled this town. If not that small piece of land which is slightly raised above the ground, then my home town could have been called ‘Lwanda Kotieno Island’. The road runs smoothly cutting this town into two halves, taking a bend as it nears the shore to the dock where ferry, water bus and passenger boats stood.

Yes, I was seated by this beach called Lwanda kotieno Fish banda. A beach of black sand. A beach of sweet fish. I love this place, not that I was born and raised here, not that I just love it, not that my family lives here, not that it has peace, not that it is has pure water and not that it is safe. No. None of those at all. I love this place because of it’s sweet fish. Fish hauled out of its waters is the sweetest fish I’ve ever tasted. And I bet people who have experience this will surely give me their hands.

Sweets fish Lily ever tasted

Residents my mum included says fish hauled from sandy beach and a black sand in that case is sweeter compared to fish from a muddy beach because fish eat mad making their flesh less testy. That might be true but Lily doesn’t hold onto those theories neither does Lily believes on those myths. All Lily know is that fish from this place is the sweetest she ever tasted.

While I was still sitting there I threw my eyes to far away distance and I could see the beautiful twin Homa hills masking the shape of letter ‘M’ and it appeared to be blue, because of the distant. It’s lies on the other side of the lake. Next to it I could see kindu bay which hosts the famous creater lake called Simbi Nyaima. This lake is believed by the locals to be mysterious in some ways, when you through a stone inside its water the stone would hit you back instead they say. It’s water is believed to cure many illnesses by residents. I haven’t visited this place before and maybe I should.

Now, with your eyes still on kindu Bay, then missing Homa Bay which houses Homa hills, then shooting a look directly opposite from where I stood is beautiful Mbita- Rusinga bridge running across the seemingly clear blue water. Earlier before this flyover bridge was constructed there used to be casual bridge; big stones were place into the water then covered with top soil masking a maram road. It joined Rusinga island to main land and that ment Rusinga was no longer island. And before the casual bridge residents would haul across with boats and canoes but due to high current meeting at the center many would die in attempt to cross. And then the maram bridge had to be destroyed at some point because it interfered with current movement. It made water stood still making the lake dirty. Far off Mbita but directly to it with only water between them is Mfango Island and behind it is another and yet another in sequence.

They masked series of soft semicircles placed close to each others and the first set is slightly down so that the middle set would be seen and the third one slightly above them. I mean they are placed in such away that one might think they were placed in stairs headed up. The placement was planned, and it was good just as God had said.
I took you so far but now I want you here, close to me. To a distance not far, to somewhere not close either, to the north and at the mouth of Uganda’s gate is Misori a small place just like Lwanda kotieno it almost become an island as well.

Nyaondo is another small insignificant island just a stone throw away from the land.people don’t live there but famers uses to farm tomatoes, sukumawiki and water melons, but they are in constant fight with the hipos that come out at night to destroy their plantation.

America unlike Nyaondo is not settled by people and it is used as farm land but during the seasons when the depth of water decreases it attaches itself to the mainland,Lwanda kotieno.Nyamwai is another visible island not so close to the land assuming the shape of a fish and no one lives there as well. The place is rich in firewood and residents have always opted to pilot their boats to fetch firewood

By now you must have seen the environment where Lily has quarantined in, and that behind it’s sweet fish, it is a sweet place to stay in. Well, the sun is sometimes or most of the times actually out like a ball of fire promising to burn this entire place but there is always a remedy for that; a refreshing and cool breeze emanating from the lake which restores the damage and the result is often better when you sit resting under shaded tree.

And when I was still up there, I could see fisherman paddling their boats back to dock while some casting they nets to even deeper waters hoping for a catch.

The intensity of the wind had then increased and waves sizes had started bellowing hugely to the shore.It was beautiful. It was as if I hadn’t seen those pictures before.It was as If I was touring this place. I appreciated that beauty.

I was now standing on my feet. I felt someone walking to words my direction. I heard someone call ‘Lilian’ from a distance. And I felt someone watching me. But I kept looking blankly into the distant, at nothing, at no one but losing myself to the pictures which were unfolding right before me. I resonated with that beauty.

My heart was now at peace. I felt me. I felt myself. I felt Lily. Lily was then Lily again. I returned to myself and returned to the call which apparently sounded my mum’s. I attended to the person who had stood there for what seemed like ten minutes. Shot looks to people who appeared to be looking at me. The view was beautiful from up there. So beautiful.

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Someone else in the frame

Someone else is in that frame
Frame which had your pic
Fits well someone’s pic
Just as it used to fit your pic
It’s an attractive pic
The frame was unworthy with no pic
I’d removed your pic
Because many frames had your pic
Now there is a new pic
I’ve gotten used to this pic
I’m not removing this pic
I’m tired of replacing pics
This frame can’t be without a pic
This frame will forever hold that pic
Someone else is in that frame

Someone else is in that frameFrame which had your picFits well someone’s picJust as it used to fit your picIt’s an attractive picThe frame was unworthy with no picI’d removed your picBecause many frames had your picNow there is a new picI’ve gotten used to this picI’m not removing this picI’m tired of replacing picsThis frame can’t be without a picThis frame will forever hold that picSomeone else is in that frame

Lilian Ahonyi’s space

Don’t cut your nails

Never cut your nails!

I haven’t always kept my nails long. Not that I haven’t loved long nails. No. I’ve always love long and natural nails. Not plastic nails, not gel nails, not those artificial nails. Yes, not those fake nails.

Nails when they are long, when they are natural, and when they are shaped there is nothing that can beat that confidence and beauty emanating from them.

As I word this article, I’m imagining myself talking to that simple lady who wants nothing but natural nails and that lady who has been struggling with enhancing her nails and most definitely to that lady who the only glow she wants to embrace is that of her natural nails.

And I know for sure you’ve been cutting off your nails now and then to keep them clean and that is what you’ve been doing wrong all this time. As you cut your nails you make them weak, you make them used to growing to certain height which when attained they brake or just stop growing.

I mean your nails grow to certain length, the same old length they’ve always grown to only to be cut by you. They never get to pass that length. They then mark their boundary.

Never cut those nails!

Your nail starts developing characteristics of stunted growth reaching certain heights and just stop and yet another and most painful effect which only us ladies can resonate with is when your nails brake because they are either weak or because of your carelessness.

I want you to worry no more because just as you my nails never grew long but last month I was shocked when I checked and my nails were almost an inch long, a height they’ve never grown to. I’d always believed they could never grow past their usual height. I’d always thought my type of nails , were ment to grow that short. I was wrong.

Gel nails. I started embracing gel nails which when done looked beautiful, and could last for upto three weeks. Effect will be then noticed when I run back to the salon to remove the gel which removing process required some chemicals. I don’t know what the chemical would contain but they really damaged my nails, making them weak and thin after a period of 2 yrs use.

was then that I started using henna and black henna to be specific became my favorite. This is my third year and I can proudly say henna healed my nails.

Starting the journey to words long nails you must be very careful with your nails how you hold things as you go around doing your daily chores. Don’t forget about them, don’t subject them to object with require more force. And should you have to use more force on something, don’t forget to be careful.

Now , go ahead shape those nails with nail files, go on remove the dirt and once more be careful with your nails when tucking in sheets to your bed when closing that door behind you and when name it.

You are the only person who knows that pain of breaking your nails especially when they are long and beautiful. Be careful with them.

Well, in my case I started by filing my nails and again and again. It became my habit. It is my habit. It made my short nails long to height they’ve never grown to.
Another thing I did and still doing is applied henna. Henna has this effect of making nails strong. I don’t known which substance in it made my nails strong. I only know know it made my nails strong after many years of trying and I love it on my nails especially black henna. Henna is made from a natural henna plant another bit which makes me absolutely love it. It is natural.

And should you want to give your nails a glow dear sweet bananas , you can use colourless nail gel which not only gives them glow but makes the henna lasts even longer.
Before I bid you bye I’m still going to insist that this article is written for you. Yes you, a simple girl who does everyday chores but still want to embrace beauty in her simple form.

Never cut your nails!

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The Sabbath

And here comes that one day
The only day when I’m free
That day I reflect on what I’ve done
That day I don’t do anything
That day I go to my father’s house
That day I worship Him
The only day when I’m free
And here comes that one day

The seventh day

The Sabbath

The day

Here comes the Sabbath

Its my lifestyle going to my father’s house on a Saturday, on a Sabbath.

Blessed Sabbath sweet bananas!

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I love lily

Most men buy roses,that’s what they grant
Most women receive roses, that what they are
Roses are beautiful but thorny
Lilies are simple but smooth
Lilies are expensive than roses
Lilies are rare but roses are plenty
I settle for nothing but a lily
I’m not justifying the fact that I’m lily
I just love lily

I just love lily

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And here comes that day

I haven’t always celebrated Valentine. I haven’t always felt how it feels. Neither have I felt how it feels to receive a red rose or when he would say wear that sexy red dress, those flattery red heel and a handbag of your choice and let’s enjoy this day because it is our day love, because it is a day of love honey and because we want to share our love sweery.

In my dreams!

I remember going for my classes within Nairobi CBD on Valentine days. The town used to be beautiful and busy, red flowers in every street from Elsehasse down to Moi Avenue proclaiming it’s Valentine day. Couples in red attire would move softly smile dawning their faces saying it’s the day of love.

And I will be watching, wishing and longing to celebrate. But with who? So I used to taste how it feels with my eyes. Kula kwa macho as we say in Kenya or cham gi wan’gi in my native language. It was my worst feeling when I was in college so to confess.

My girlfriend Agness would then compliment saying I wonder why someone would show their love in just a day. I mean, when you love someone then Valentine day shouldn’t be the only day to show that love but every single day in a year.

I would then second her, but deep down my soul would disagree. I couldn’t stop myself but envy their love. I wanted to celebrate that day as well. I wanted to feel that feeling too.

Tell me, do you think I was crazy?
And do you think I’m still crazy?
Became I’m still rooting for that moment when I’ll celebrate my first Valentine day.
I Know I will.
I known it feels sweet, so sweet.
I long to feel how sweet it feels to receive a flower, not a rose, but a liliy.

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A story that shouldn’t have existed

How does it feel to read a story from the start
A story not good enough
A promising story
A story that shouldn’t have been started to begin with
But you read it hoping to love the end
And you end up reading a story
A story that shouldn’t have been told to the end.

Tell me how does it feel?

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Lily seated by the Lake

I’ll always be here, seated
Not everyday
Not every minute
But when me is down
When me want to be with me
When me misses him
When me misses home
When me misses my childhood
When me is hurting
When me is developing an angle to my story
When me needs cool breeze
And when Lily will want to watch water lilies
I’ll always be here, seated

And you shouldn’t go away.
I want you to watch me
Whenever I’ll be seated here.
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It’s Valentine!!!

Which gift are you giving her?
Which gift are you giving him?
Is it a ring?
Maybe it is a dress for her
Or a watch for him.
Whatever it is I got your back covered.
Look at my suggestions here below and as always you won’t be disappointed with my choices. Because they are as unique as my style of life.

You probably want to propose to her and you don’t know how to go about it.
Or you want to tell her I love you.
You want to tell him its you but you can’t stop sweating whenever you try it on.

Worry not cause I’m shearing with you the links to the e books written by professionals_ just to make your dream true in this month of love.

  1. His love was my sanctuary
  2. Number one love
  3. Must love alligators
  4. Love you know
  5. Love in the dark

Those are links to just a few of love article which have read and which I found moving.

Run grab a copy and see how I love you is easier to say than you thought.

And please,

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Grow back that hair!

I remember when I started my journey to having good hair. And good hair here I mean not flat ironed hair, not blow dried hair, not dyed hair and definitely not relaxed hair as well.

It wasn’t easy I swear. Now I had done the big chop and I had to start from the very start. Then as I was doing my always research online, I stumbled onto some hair products which made my dream a real deal.

I started by washing my hair with the products to moisturizing with the same products and to oiling my hair with the same old products
It became my tradition, it was my lifestyle until I got the most result.
I loved the result.

Now, I’m going to share these products here below. Try them out. You never know.

  1. Wow Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo and conditioner set
  • It leaves your hair fresh and cooling feeling just after a wash
  • Softens your hair giving it a natural feeling
  • Reduces itchy sculp
  • Reduce dandruff and frizz
  • Its used by both men and women
  • @only $21.99

2. Natural hair growth oil with caffeine and Biotin

Moisturizes your hair
Sotens the hair giving it a smooth touch
Fastens hair growth

Moisturizes your hair
Softens the hair giving it a smooth touch
Fastens hair growth

  1. Hair growth serum
    Ecelerate hair growth

from softening your hair to eliminating dandruff to fastening growth and to repairing your hair it also reduces itchiness. grow that hair back.


4. Pura DoR Biotin Original Gold label anti_thickening shampoo and conditioner

Clinically tested with natural ingredients
Best for all hair types
Use by both men and women
@only $39.99

Thicken your hair!!! its just a matter of seconds before the result start showing!!!

  1. Boldify hair thickening spray
    Thickens your hair in seconds

Used by both men and women

6. Thickening spray/Biotin hair thickening spray

Thickens your hair
Used by both men and women

7. Satin sleep Bonnet cap for natural hair.

A bonus to protect your hair during sleep
It’s comfortable and fits your hair such that it doesn’t run off your hair as you sleep. Try it on.

Good luck as you start the journey to finding your own signature hair. I found my signature hair and I think you should as well.
Good luck and if you haven’t read my article about my signature hair, then you should

Embracing my signature hair

After reading you’ll find out why I wanted bad hair but not good hair.

Maybe you’ve been struggling with dandruff, perhaps you’ve been hating falling hair, or you’ve been wanting to hasten that slow hair growth and maybe you want to soften your hair and reduce that itchy sculp; then those are the products to try out.

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