If you continue reading this you’ll know if it’s true love

 I haven’t always written stories about love. I haven’t shown any intention of sharing them here as well. But now I want to show my addiction, I want to portray my love, I want to word my feelings towards this topic. I know it’s a little edgy for my blog but I can’t help but write.

I’ve read in a lot of books that you know it is true love when holding that special someone’s hands and you feel your heart miss beats, have that faint feeling as if you’ll die in their arms within a click of a second or when you feel that flushing sensation throughout your body. But that isn’t true at all.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       What I feel is just different_ he makes me feel protected in his huge arms, he makes me feel safe from all my worries, and his space has stolen absolutely everything from my space, he’s the one: you always protects me from any harm,you can’t see me cry, you can’t see me hurting and you prefer seeing me smile to seeing you hurt, I’m the one.

Falling in true love doesn’t feel like falling at all_ it feels like walking into the hands of someone and suddenly reach home.Somewhere you’ve most probably waited for 23, 30 or even 40 years to be .They will extend their hand to you, and lead you home.

lilian ahonyi

 You are still here right? I’m asking to confirm when we are still in this slate because what I ‘m about to tell you is of utmost important. Guess what? They’ve been waiting for their entire life just to do that_I mean take you home.

I still remember that moment when we saw each other for the first time. It was as if I had known or seen or most probably met him before. He wasn’t a stranger I’d expected him to be. No he wasn’t. He was not any Peterson, Edly and keen. He was just different. I felt that wasn’t the first meeting but a reunion between old lovers. I will never forget that moment.

A meeting where she is nothing close to your usual crush and he is the exact opposite of your Mr right. I can’t wait for you to feel what I felt

Lilian Ahonyi
true love story never ends

Your souls will be one, sharing one fluid; becoming each other lifeblood, made for each other. The only thing that kept you away was time:The only thing that brings you close is time. There is no specific time for your meeting as destiny dictates everything. You two meeting is not by chance but when destiny feels it’s right time.

Things aren’t boarding well with us though; the same destiny that brought us together is putting us through difficulty. It started by throwing us miles away from each other to testing our love and to testing our trust. I think about him all my life and I know he misses me all his time. We long for one another touch, kiss, cuddle but we love faithfully and eagerly wait for us.

Interestingly, there is nothing in the face of universe that will stop you from being together because love will draw you close like unlike ends of a magnet, keeping you intertwined

Wrapping this up, you must believe me when I say; there is no love triangle in true love. In my way there is no chance you'll be involved in such a chaotic mess when you truly love someone. In true love both of you are done with their past. it is normal if you two had your shares of life before meeting each other but what isn't normal is when one of you refuses to burn their ragged cloths after purchasing new ones or when they are weak to let go, or even when they aren't strong enough to cut the old ties, and even much worse when they have their eyes elsewhere.

I’m posing this question to you…

can a heart house two hearts?

A heart speaks to a heart but not hearts: A heart  feels beats of a heart and not hearts. If you want to fully experience love and get lost into  the rhythm only your soul knows how; love a heart, love like you’ve never before, fall like you not falling at all.


It’s time to love me

Today I’ve got this feeling I love you more

I give too much attention to you

attention you otherwise need not

attention I otherwise need a lot

its time I act like I don’t care

its time I act like you do

its time I divert this attention to me

Tomorrow  I’ll get that feeling you love me more

You hate you

I didn’t know how it would feel. I couldn’t guess how it would taste. I didn’t know how it would smell either.

Up until now I couldn’t figure why forgiveness wasn’t my thing, I couldn’t forget neither. But now, after forgiving myself of that crime I committed several years back, forgiving is easy, letting go is nothing at all.

I used to be bitter when you wronged me. It used to hurt me a lot.And with a clear character I possess, I wouldn’t hide my current status behind my face. It would be hanged out for everyone to see.

I mean, I can’t fake a smile, I can’t force a tear.

Then in  one occasion when I tried smiling at a lady who had hurt me, I felt pain inside me. It was piercing sharp through my intestines. It started with large then to small intestine. The pain was unbearable, it was both sharp and numbing. It was as if a hot blade was placed onto my skin so long enough that my body unquestionably  turned off the receptors.

And when I took a breath, the air came through my nostril like a breath taken under water-that breath you take when drowning. I hated that feeling.



But one Saturday ,of all  Saturdays, of all  days have spent on this earth, everything changed. It was all about forgiveness and forgetting in that sermon.  After service what echoed on my head was forgiveness, and  seven hours later,seventeen hours after, what echoed on my head was letting go .

It was then I felt guilty of not forgiving, of not forgetting.  I hope you’re still listening to me.Even up to this moment as I write this article, I  still feel she was talking to me. I mean the pastor. “There is still someone who needs to come,” she called upon those who were enslaved by unforgiveness. I knew she was talking to me, I felt it, but still, I didn’t walk to the pulpit.

I’m not that kind of a lady who needs recognition or with courage to walk amid congregation. I don’t  like  attention, and besides, I knew God had known my repentance, I  didn’t have to walk to the pulpit to show how remorseful I was. It was in my soul, not my body.

I knew I was a victim of circumstance. I knew everything. I was my enemies slave. I remember how I would walk out of a room when an enemy gets in the same room, or  how  I would sit back but talk less as I would when they were not around. I would quickly change my direction and intentions when I met them. I didn’t want to be a slave anymore.

Untying myself, I had to forgive myself first. I had to deal with internal forgiveness before external forgiveness. In all, you should clean your garments before doing the same to someone, or cleaning the dirt in your house before helping someone do the same to theirs.

I started by loving me, to sharing  with me, to consulting  me, to cancelling me ,to asking forgiveness from me, and to forgetting what me did to I.

That day everything was done I found joy I didn’t know existed, I felt peace of mind and breathed fresh air with ease.Everything around had welcoming aroma only my soul could explain how.

But the best feeling was when I realized pain, discomfort, disappointment enforced to me by those my old self considered enemies were my utmost blessings. I couldn’t see then but I see now.

Now that I know this feeling, now that I can guess how it tastes, and now that I can smell its aroma as well, I’m not letting go.